I'm Vaish Shrivastava, an Applied Scientist at Microsoft Search, Assistant and Intelligence, where I work on developing large-scale Machine Learning systems deployed to millions of users! I also collaborate with Microsoft Research.

My passion is bringing the benefits of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to as many people as possible. I'm interested in a range of NLP subfields, including Transformer-based language models and pre-trained representations, dialog systems, question answering, abstractive summarization, and multi-lingual models.

As an Applied Scientist at Microsoft, I have worked on several different areas in ML and NLP including Transformer model compression, personalizing language models, modeling multi-turn dialogs, factual consistency for abstractive summarization, and federated learning.

Before joining Microsoft full-time, I went to Caltech for my Bachelor's in Computer Science, and enjoyed working on multi-task reinforcement learning.

vshrivas vashri@microsoft.com vaish-shrivastava vaish.shrivastava



For more information, here is my CV.

Recent Projects

Personalizing Language Models